Tunisha Singleton, PhD

Tunisha Singleton Ph.D.

Creative Strategy • Fan Engagement • Cultural Insights • Content Development • DEI Advocate • Speaker

Providing clients fresh insight and informed perspective to create inclusive solutions, empower communities, and build dope brand experiences.

“Never stop being a fan…you just might change the game.”

Tip-Off Thoughts

Get informed. And get it right.

Innovation is about recognizing a need and fulfilling it. Period.

Leveraging psychology to understand the human experience, I’m a media professional and scholarly practitioner who sees the forest for the trees to keep everything copacetic. Match values with action. Your business needs to understand what lifestyle, culture, and community mean to authentically align your brand to it.

That’s where I come in…

  • Content development
  • Building brand and organizational narratives, culture, identity, and marketing campaigns
  • Fan experience and audience engagement
  • Community development, management, facilitation
  • Immersive storytelling
  • Actionable psych-based insight and industry knowledge on identity, digital behavior, and community management

Representation matters. Who sits at your table?

Now accepting new clients working on innovative, meaningful media projects

From data to doing…let’s cut through the noise.

Working to close the gap between value, purpose and activity. Mean what you do. And do what you mean.


Dr. Jerri Lynn Hogg – 2015 President of APA Division 46, Society for Media Psychology and Technology

“Dr. Singleton and I participated in the design and execution of a research simulation to develop counter-narratives to combat ISIS messaging across social media for the Department of Defense.  She has prodigious research output in a number of fields including global communications, media psychology, and sports technology.”

Jackie Wilson – Entrepreneur | Creative Artist |Production Manager

“Tunisha’s energy, passion, and drive for self improvement is contagious. Her faith in seeing every obstacle as an opportunity for growth is remarkable. I’ve had the pleasure of her brand management consulting services, and her creative aptitude and indispensable insight on the latest marketing and social media trends have been extremely valuable. She quickly was able to take my “big picture” ideas and translate them into actionable items. A treasure consultant and fun to work with!”

Dr. Pamela Rutledge – Director, Media Psychology Research Center

“Tunisha was instantly memorable due to her enthusiasm and willingness to dig in to any challenge and has proven to be the same as a colleague. More importantly, however, she is an exceptional person.  She is kind, intelligent, hardworking and funny. Tunisha’s defining characteristic, however, is that she lives and breathes sports.  She is the only person I know who literally grew up equally versed in WWE, the NBA and the NFL. Media psychology has enabled her to unite her passion for sports, digital communications and audience engagement in solid academic foundations and she brings this same determination to all her consulting projects.”

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