Black Girl Hockey Club Leading the Charge for Representation & Social Justice in Hockey Culture

Media Psychologist and Advocate Dr. Tunisha Singleton appears on Penalty Box Radio in ESPN Nashville to discuss how Black Girl Hockey Club is leading the charge on diversifying hockey culture for Black women, our community & allies.

UFC Leads the Charge in Bringing Back Sports…so why am I excited and scared at the same time?

With no fans in attendance, Ultimate Fighting Championship held their first live event ppv (UFC 249) Saturday, May 9 in the midst of a global pandemic. The fan in me yelled “Yes!” But the I’m-a-human-first part of me responded immediately with a “hol’up…NO! It’s not safe!” A pre-taped message of praise was broadcast during theContinue reading “UFC Leads the Charge in Bringing Back Sports…so why am I excited and scared at the same time?”

Connection through Isolation: Origins of Community Explained amid Crisis

Have you considered what it means to be committed to something? Whether to a group, cause, religion, ideology, brand, product, or person… the meaning we prescribe to these objects differ from person to person and is often dependent upon resources. The isolation and anxiety forced upon us during Covid19 is the time to look beyond the “what” and interpret our “why,” giving light to what makes us committed and connected in the first place.

Sports -Take a Time Out. It’s Self-Audit Season.

In times of crisis, a very large portion of us turn to sport as a distraction. So…what happens now when that diversion is removed? Sport quite literally defines the life of athletes…so how can crisis management tips help them sustain their brand image? The opportunity is present for fans alike to look into themselves to evaluate their source(s) of happiness.