Building Community and Culture in Esports Education

I’m always looking for ways to radically reinvent new forms of education and storytelling through conscious content development.

So you want to engage with the BIPOC folks…

Part of making change is having real discussions, which for some are tough to comprehend because they’ve never had to deal with being negatively labeled, passed over for being a woman, disabled, LGBTQ, left out for lack of resources, not having enough money, or even constantly having to defend or validate their fandom or athleticism because of the color of their skin.

Sports -Take a Time Out. It’s Self-Audit Season.

In times of crisis, a very large portion of us turn to sport as a distraction. So…what happens now when that diversion is removed? Sport quite literally defines the life of athletes…so how can crisis management tips help them sustain their brand image? The opportunity is present for fans alike to look into themselves to evaluate their source(s) of happiness.

“Hey Boxing – stop being so damn basic”

Wilder vs Fury II made one thing very clear – boxing is ready for a marketing upgrade. Bridge boxing’s yesterday, today, and tomorrow with a beyond basic marketing strategy.