Presentation Decks

A collection of presentations and reports. Areas of research include:

  • Intersection of sports and society, culture, media, and marketing
  • Fandom, eSports, social identity, audience engagement, fan experience
  • Psychology, utility in the human experience, meaning-making with media and tech
  • Interactive technology, navigating the digital space
  • Narrative persuasion, framing, brand storytelling

Unprecedented? Webinar Series: Part 1

How is COVID-19 changing the way we connect? Hosted by We Are Social’s Chief Strategy Officer, Mobbie Nazir and Global Head of Cultural Insights, Lore Oxford, Unprecedented? is a new webinar series from We Are Social’s global network. Focusing on how we stay connectedentertained and informed, we explore how Covid-19 is changing the way we behave online, and what it means for brands – not just in the coming months, but in the long-term. 

Digital Fandomonium: Psychology Based Engagement and Media Strategy in Sports

While being a sports fan is not a new concept, what has changed are the ways in which we identify with, consume, and experience sport. This report explores the evolution of sports media consumption and underlines the impact digital communication has on fandom, brand building and content creation. (Originally published 2017)

What’s the Point with Tech Anyway…

Industries are scrambling to figure out how to effectively integrate technology into their business. Increasing your brand’s presence in the digital space is wise. But do you know what you’re offering your audience and potential customers? This presentation explores what an experience is, how it connects to brands, and the point of technology by taking it back to the fundamentals of human connection. (Originally published 2015)

Virtual Fandomonium: Considerations and Efficacy of Virtual Reality as a Platform for Immersive Sports Media Consumption

What is the fan perception of watching live sports in virtual reality? Is there a demand for a more immersive, interactive environment in consuming live sports? This presentation highlights a research study conducted by two Media Psychologists to determine the efficacy and user suggestions of using VR as a platform to view live sports. (Originally published 2016)

Emotional Gridiron: Psychology of Sports Fan Identification

This presentation explores the emotional and digital gridirons of how contemporary fandom are experienced and expressed. (Originally published 2016)

Unifying Game Day: Transmedia Storytelling in Sports

An exploration of sports media and marketing as a transmedia property to amplify the fan experience. (Originally published 2017)

Cut Through the Noise: The 3Es of Brand Storytelling

Data visualization = storytelling. In order to build audience growth and retention in a landscape saturated with content, brands must differentiate themselves. This presentation highlights a framework founded in organizational psychology to address brand storytelling with data – The 3Es: Emotion, Engagement, and Experience.
3Es Framework conceptualized by Dr. Tunisha Singleton, 2016.

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