Black Girl Hockey Club Leading the Charge for Representation & Social Justice in Hockey Culture

On Wednesday Sept. 2, I had the privilege of being on Penalty Box Radio to discuss the need for action to address topics of inclusion and social justice within the hockey community. Airing on ESPN Nashville radio with thoughtful and dedicated hosts Justin Bradford and Rebecca Glynne, they’ve turned their PBR platform into a space to hold these important conversations for their predominately southern, dedicated hockey audience.

Black Girl Hockey Club (BGHC) is a non profit organization that focuses on making hockey more inclusive for Black women, families, friends and allies. As a member on the BGHC Board of Directors, I have the privilege of working with a tremendously diverse group of men and women advocates to make a difference through education, representation, and community building. Lead by our amazing Founder and Executive Director R. Renee Hess., BGHC has created a series of ongoing solutions to serve the BGHC vision and help reform hockey culture.

These solutions currently include leadership panel discussions, nationwide meet ups, wellness and radical self-care virtual gatherings, curation of educational and anti-racism resources, and a cemented position of being a go-to source of access for those affiliated with hockey at all youth, minor, and professional levels. It all starts with a sincere desire and contribution to make a positive difference.

Listen to me on the Penalty Box Radio show here discuss BGHC, media psychology, and the intersection of sports and society here (I appear about 14 minutes in):

Additional Thoughts:

You want to make sure hockey is for everyone? Fine – it’s time for action. Prove the Black community is more than a hashtag. We challenge the hockey community at all youth, collegiate and professional levels, to get involved. It starts with humility.

Activate your awareness, acknowledge that there has been, and continues to be, a systemic disservice to the black community, and do your part. Silence is just as wrong right now.

Everyone can’t just think “yes, racism is a problem…ok Black people tell us what do to” – that’s exhausting, tired, and lazy.

And it is equally unfair and insulting to rely on the Black community to fix a problem that we didn’t start yet continue to suffer from.

Everyone needs to do their part.

That’s why BGHC is here. To serve our community. And help others in sports, education, and community organization create sustainable change.

For more information about BGHC, visit the links below:

Black Girl Hockey Club, Main Website

BGHC Scholarships

Become a BGHC Donor

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